Are you ever even there?

by peter campanelli

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Hello everyone, here is my album "Are you ever even there?" recorded April-June 2016. It is the culmination of my artistic efforts during my past year.

This project is inspired by my idea of what the album experience could be. I have always been interested in longer forms in jazz and experimental and progressive music and I love connecting and arranging songs together so this album was a lot of fun to make.

Side A is a more coherent suite with more traditional songs and melodies.

Side B is more experimental and ambient.

The two pieces work together side by side to create a 32 minute musical experience. Feel free to listen to each side separately or to the combined mix to hear the album in it's entirety.

This album sounds best in a quiet place. Enjoy.

Recorded on a Tascam Portastudio 424 MkII and a Sony TC-353D reel-to-reel stereo deck.

Bounced into Garageband


Are you ever even there?

[ (I'm sitting in a chair) ]

Side A: Goodness Knows, Peter Shows

01 Propaganda -- 00:00
02 Hello there, is -- 00:12
03 going anywhere soon? -- 01:22
04 Sand (the plan that I demand) -- 1:39
05 Gentryman Shuffle -- 5:16
06 Little boy falling -- 6:21
07 APE -- 9:11
08 Kneeling On a Scab -- 14:01

Side B: H2O2

01 Rubbing it in -- 00:00
02 Film skin -- 8:45
03 spinning -- 11:13
04 Boiled toes -- 12:11
05 Little man's dance -- 13:13
06 You yourself -- 13:24


released September 11, 2016

Recorded/Produced by Peter Campanelli
Mixed by Peter Campanelli
Album art by Libby McGrath

Peter Campanelli sings and plays:

Side A: Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, reversed guitars, electric bass, Rhodes piano, MicroKorg synthesizer, drumset, tape effects, his own face

Side B: Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, reversed guitars, electric bass w/ envelope filter, Rhodes piano, tape effects



all rights reserved


peter campanelli Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: "Are you ever even there?" (COMBINED MIX)
Track Name: "Goodness Knows, Peter Shows" (SIDE A)
it might take a little time
to find the piece to being kind
but little man, are you feeling as if you can
like you really can, can understand
understand what i demand

in the time it takes to
build a certain frame around you
i've already lost my mind
figure out how to unwind
and in the time it takes
build and break and take it from you
i'm not certain of it's kind, peel it back it's just my rind

and in the time
the time it takes for me to scratch your head
well you know i will already
be on the way to being there
cause in the end you'll find me
with all of my faults behind me
a certain sprinkle in my ear
a tinkle only God could fear
and if you hurt the cactus
don't think that it won't hurt you back(us) (ryan backes)
cause it's got prickly prickly spines
prickly prickly prickly little spines
and i think i will discuss this
with all those people whom i trust with
my most deepest darkest fear
and everything that i hold real
and with your promise-sayo
you fill me up with promise-sayo
i look into what isn't mine
you looking deep into the slime

it's just a clever use of propaganda
what are you going to do?
the only thing you could

if you'd ask me alright i would tell you what's going on with this my insight how could things be going so wrong why are you uptight i'm sent here to make things right so give up your fight and surrender to my love is not the cancer i should only keep you headed towards the answer soon you'll find that all of the people in your mind fill you with the power to beat the only incline face the only meaning and you could be the inside push away up all of the being to the outside keeping track of all of the time that passes you by turning up to what you can't believe the old guy he is never telling the truth is hard to stand so don't relieve the plan you'll step all over my side i have really made it wide enough to lean on clean your act and try to keep on
Track Name: "H2O2" (SIDE B)
don't you think it's time we had a little structure
i know what you want right now
how, when you're in the right hands
don't make me feel like a man
i guess i'll never understand, no i won't

after all this time, i think it might just rupture
all those organs that you need
plead, beg down on your knees
cause i'm not playing for free
and this is hard for me, baby, yes it is

i'll tell you what i've got to say to you
the only thing you need's what's makes you blue
and don't you got something to do?